Touhula Lybeckerinpuisto

We will open a new daycare centre Touhula Lybeckerinpuisto in August 2019! Apply for a daycare place now!

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Location and opening hours

Touhula Lybeckerinpuisto

Vihastenkarinkatu 19
92130 Raahe

Opening hours

Ma-pe 07:00-17:00


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Contact us

Please contact the manager of the daycare centre regarding:

  • An application for a daycare place
  • Your service agreement and related changes
  • Any questions related to daycare invoicing
  • Customer feedback

Liisamari Oikarainen

Day-care manager

050 374 9813

Arkisin klo 15:00-16:00

Service agreements

In addition to full-time daycare, we offer various flexible daycare solutions for the different needs of families. Unfortunately we can only offer a limited number of part-time care agreements, so please contact the manager directly to find out if any places are available.

  • Full-time contract

  • Full-time daycare 12 days/month

  • Full-time daycare 15 days/month

  • 20 hours/week

Apply for a daycare place

Apply now to ensure a place in Touhula. We operate on a first-come first-served basis.

This is how it works:

  1. Fill in the application(s), and please remember that each daycare centre requires a separate application.
  2. Touhula will contact you within a week after application submission, and in most cases we can confirm your admission right away.


Sponsors and partners

At the core of our sponsor and partner activities lies a genuine desire to do good. We have local sponsors for each daycare centre who provide excellent role models for the children. Activities with our sponsors bring variety to the daily programme, and provide children an opportunity to learn new things from the sponsors.