Our philosophy

Touhula is the preferred day care centre, employer and partner.

Touhula’s critical success factors include continuous quality development and commitment to quality work. We have adopted the principle of continuous development. We prepare for the future and comply with legislation. High-quality early education is the responsibility of every Touhula employee on a daily basis.

We meet our customers’ needs and expectations and ensure our employees’ job satisfaction and safety at work. Our aim is to create a shared way of working and provide the best early education in Finland, cost-efficiently and without compromising on quality.

The best start in life

We work with the parents to provide a solid foundation for the children to build on later in life.

Touhula values

Our philosophy, or the Touhula way, is:
Active and entusiastic.
Open-minded and responsible.
Best for the family, always.


We put our heart into our work, and accomplish great things.


We set measurable targets for everything we do.


We are ambitious and continuously develop our operations.


We treat everyone with equal respect: the children, the families, and each other.

Best for the family

Our educational approach is rooted in caring and genuine encounters with children and parents.

Touhula mission

Together with parents we raise and educate today’s small children into great individuals of tomorrow.

Operational goals

We are the most wanted early childhood educator in Finland and the rest of the world will learn from. Together we are the best in the world – from the start.

Early education and preschool education

EARLY EDUCATION – The best start in life

Our pedagogical activities are systematically and carefully planned.  All our daycare centres follow the national and the municipal early childhood education and care (ECEC) plan. Touhula also has its own action plan, complemented by each daycare centre’s annual plan.

An individual early childhood education and care (ECEC) plan will be prepared for each child, in collaboration with the child’s family and the daycare centre. It takes into account the child’s strengths and areas where further support and practice is needed. The ECEC plan is updated regularly, and the personal ECEC plan turns into a preschool educational plan when the child reaches preschool age.

Our daycare centres are there to offer support for the family in all matters related to the child’s upbringing. Open and honest dialogue and cooperation between the family and the daycare centre staff is of utmost importance. Establishing a good working relationship where we combine the parents’ expertise regarding their child and the know-how of our professional staff is one of our key principles.

We also work in collaboration with the local authorities such as early childhood special education teachers, child welfare clinics, municipal daycare centres, and schools. We always consult the parents and ask for their permission for any activities regarding their child.

PRESCHOOL – Nurturing your child’s natural curiosity

In Touhula, we follow the national and municipal preschool education plans as well as our own action plan.

Fill in our electronic form to apply for preschool. You’ll find the preschool option in the drop-down menu for those daycare centres that offer preschool education. The purpose of preschool education is to support the child’s growth, development, and learning, and to  strengthen their social skills and a healthy self-esteem. This is achieved through child-oriented activity, play, and positive learning experiences.

Preschool education is designed to provide opportunities for experiment, discovery and learning experiences.

At the start of the autumn semester, all Touhula pre-schoolers will have an individual learning plans drawn up by the children and their parents.

At the end of the preschool year, all Touhula pre-schoolers will receive a certificate of attendance.

Read more about preschool education on the National Board of Education website.

In Touhula daycare centres, the daycare centre-specific preschool options are always confirmed during the previous spring. You can ask the manager about the current situation. Contact information for daycare centre managers can be found on our daycare centre pages.


Daycare centres with specific themes

All Touhula daycare centres are profiled according to a specific theme.

Exercise daycare centres focus on exercise and are filled with positive energy. We encourage children to take part in versatile and creative activities throughout the day.  Exercise is included in all areas of learning, and each day the children will get to explore their limits and experience success in a sporty environment. Kids will also learn how to express themselves through exercise. There’s always room and time for play, both indoors and outdoors, and children will have a minimum of two hours of exercise per day. In our exercise-oriented daycare centres, children will discover the joy of movement and an active lifestyle, and grow up to be active, healthy adults.

There’s joy in skipping, swinging, balancing and bouncing.

Touhula language daycare centres provide a unique environment for verbally gifted kids to enjoy the rich world of languages in many different ways. Children can work on their interaction skills through games, stories, rhymes and songs. The multilingual and multicultural environment encourages kids to explore and understand new perspectives and world views. We offer dual language immersion, and fully foreign-language groups. We are happy to see the children become global citizens with an open mind and a big heart.

Raising citizens of the world.

At the Touhula adventure daycare centres, every day is an adventure. Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes: playing in the woods, or games inspired by music, motion, or maritime exploration – all this inspires the kids to discover new ways of understanding the world around us. For us, every child is a treasure. We want our children to become adventurers who are hungry for life, who believe in themselves, and fearlessly pursue their dreams.

Every child is a treasure.

At Touhula’s arts and culture daycare centres children learn about the different forms of art and different cultures through music and through visual, verbal and bodily expression. The creative atmosphere and a culturally rich environment inspire children to explore the surrounding world and to express themselves in completely new ways. They grow up to be positive thinkers and artistic, creative souls for whom only the sky is the limit.

Stardust and sparkle into each day.


Children with HIGH SELF-ESTEEM,
who are self-reliant and are not afraid to explore their opportunities. Children who are not afraid to try and fail, and who find true joy in succeeding.

Children who RESPECT LIFE,
who embrace difference and explore their surroundings with curiosity. Children who see the natural environment as a place for play and study.

who draw on movement, adventure, new languages, and arts and culture for self-expression. Children who derive joy and wellbeing from physical activity.

Children who are HAPPY and POSITIVE
who enjoy exploring and learning about different phenomena and through experience. Children who take joy in learning new things.

who have a strong sense of community and who understand the significance of playing by rules. Children who take others into account and help out their friends.