Touhula as a company

The Touhula story

The world is changing faster than we are. Even though our everyday life is filled with increasingly fast digital and mobile multitasking, the needs of our small children remain largely the same as always. Children need love and limits, exercise and rest, lots of new things and familiar stuff too – all this in just the right proportions.

Now more than ever, early education that truly starts at the child’s level is crucial.

Touhula Early Education was born of this thought. We combine the best sides of the most progressive daycare centres in Finland so that both our employees and the children in our care would feel good about coming to work each day.

For the children, Touhula is first and foremost their very own place with its safe, repeating routines, inspiring insights, and bizarre blunders. With us, children can safely test their limits and learn new skills, together with peers from various backgrounds and with familiar adults who are never too busy to find time for them.

For parents, we are the pillar of strength in everyday life and an educational partner who is genuinely on their side. Together with the parents, we will provide a solid foundation for the children to build on later in life.
It’s all about providing the best start in life.

About the company

Facts about Touhula:

  • Touhula is the largest private daycare company in Finland
  • Over 150 day-care centers
  • Over 9,000 children
  • Over 2,000 employees

Important events along the way

  • 2010 Touhula Established
  • 2010 Päivähoito KidCare Oy become part of Touhula
  • 2015 the Aarresaari day-cares become part of Touhula
  • 2016 the Vekara day-cares become part of Touhula
  • 2016 the responsible and Nordic investment company EQT becomes owner
  • 2016 the first Touhula day-care opens its doors in Helsinki
  • 2017 the first Touhula day-care in Sodankylä

Touhula – a responsible provider

Touhula complements the municipally produced daycare services and adds to the families’ freedom of choice. For the most part, Touhula operations are based on the service voucher model that enables offering private daycare for all families with children at the same level as the municipally produced services.

The majority shareholder in the company is EQT, a Nordic capital investment company to which some Finnish pension funds belong as well. EQT is a leading alternative investments firm with approximately EUR 35 billion in raised capital across 22 funds. In 1996, the first investment was made in Finland and in 1999, EQT opened its Helsinki office. EQT Funds have invested approximately EUR 1,7 billion in Finnish companies, and today EQT portfolio companies have more than 10 000 employees in Finland. The current portfolio includes Terveystalo, Musti ja Mirri and Touhula. EQT is a responsible and long-term owner, committed to developing companies with the support of the extensive EQT Industrial Advisors network. EQT’s mission has remained the same since 1994 – EQT invests in good companies across the world to help them develop into great and sustainable companies.

The home town for Touhula is Oulu. The company pays all its taxes to Oulu and to Finland. The Touhula staff pays their taxes locally.

Touhula always keeps their promises

Mika Penttilä

Manager of Education and Culture, City of Oulu
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Why was Touhula chosen as a partner for the City of Oulu?

We’ve been in collaboration with Touhula for a long time now, via various support functions. Over the past five years our cooperation has become closer. Touhula was selected as one of our partners in 2011 when Oulu introduced service vouchers in early education. At the time there was a notable increase in the number of children in early education in Oulu

What are your experiences of Touhula?

The Touhula organisation is managed very professionally and it is a high-quality contractual partner for Oulu. Whatever promises Touhula makes, they always keep them. In Touhula daycare centres, there is a strong focus on exercise and this supports the city’s own strategy very well.

What is the role of a private daycare centre in the municipal daycare offering in Oulu?

Private daycare centres have a significant role and they form an integral part of the city’s total service offering. These private service providers support and complement municipal service production.

We work together for the benefit of our residents

Vesa Kulmala

Services Manager, municipal educational administration, City of Turku
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Why was Touhula chosen as a partner for the City of Turku?

Cooperation with Touhula has been very smooth all along. The Touhula daycare centres are being built as agreed and on schedule. Touhula is also investing in construction and this way we’re getting new daycare premises in the city.

How long have you been working together with Touhula?

Since 2014, when the first Touhula daycare centre was opened in Nättinummi in Turku.

What are your experiences of Touhula?

We want to provide the best possible service for families with children in Turku when it comes to daycare, which is why the needs-based approach and cooperation with us was important. The needs of our municipal inhabitants have been at the centre of activities all along.

What is the role of a private daycare centre in the municipal daycare offering in Turku?

In 2012 we made a decision to grow the share of private offering in daycare. There have been very good private service providers available, and we’ve managed to reach our goals on schedule.

How important do you think it is for the customers that the fees are the same for both municipal and private daycare?

I see this as a good thing. It provides equality for the inhabitants and makes private daycare a viable option for families. We pull together for the benefit of our residents!